Last Night in Soho

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Last Night in Soho
Edgar Wright
Great 8 / 10
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Last Night in Soho was a surprisingly strange and peppy horror/thriller that kept me guessing througout the entire film.

Anya Taylor-Joy may have stolen a bit of the show from Thomasin McKenzie with the moments set in 60's Soho. Overall, my only disappointment in the casting department is that Matt Smith wasn't given much screen time.

I saw the movie poster and expected a love story and instead got a paranormal, time-traveling, thriller. The only gripe I have is that the "rules" of the paranormal events weren't entirely nailed down - at one point, the main character wakes up with a hickey from one of the events she was witness to. Other than that one instance, however, the paranormal events seem to be occurring entirely in her head.

In regards to the cinematography, the horror elements were very well done with only a few jump-scares. The scenes set in the 60's were eye-catching and colorful which was a stark contrast to the otherwise drab environment of the "real" world.